Our Story

Victor grew up between Ontario and the South of France and always dreamed of bringing the best parts of the Mediterranean food culture to Canada.

Aaron grew up near Toronto and was obsessed with experimenting in the kitchen to make healthier versions of his favourite snacks.

We met in University and after graduating, decided to go on an adventure to the heart of the Mediterranean. After 12 days traversing the mountains of Corsica on the GR20 trail, we visited a street market in the South of France. Victor introduced Aaron to a traditional snack enjoyed in the Mediterranean for centuries: a delicious wood-fired crepe made from chickpeas and olive oil called "Socca".

We agreed we had to bring it to Canada and started a journey to transform this chickpea snack into a delicious chip. We spent a year experimenting with hundreds of different recipes and sold the chips at farmers markets in Toronto.

Chip manufacturers told us that they couldn't make chips out of chickpeas without adding rice, corn, or potatoes, so we decided to open our own manufacturing plant to make them our way.

Peacasa is a deliciously light and crispy chip made from chickpeas. Join the adventure to make chickpeas into the best snacks in North America.

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