Thin, Crispy, and Unbelievably Delicious

Chickpea Chips


The Original Chickpea Chip

Bringing the Mediterranean to You

High Protein

Low Carb

Grain &
Gluten Free

What’s Inside

Extremely Satisfying. My new comfort food!


I finished a whole bag in one sitting... Peacasa chips are SO good! 

@Megan J.

It tasted like regular chips, definitely would buy in store! Love love love! 


I love the crispy texture and taste all in a healthy chip. 


It's like you're eating chickpeas but they're light and crispy and super tasty! 

@Alex P.

Highly addictive! I stumbled on these chips at a farmers market, brought them home to my kids and the bag was empty within minutes! 


Really tasty, delicious chips. Nice and light, but still have a satisfying crunch. I like the unique flavour compared to other chips. 

@Omar K.

Feels like you're getting a meal out of a bag of chips. They're delicious and filling! 


I don't usually eat chips but I love chickpeas and these are amazing! So light and crispy! 


Taste of the Mediterranean


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